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6 Apps That You'd Love to Download for Your Smartwatch

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Just like a smartphone, a smartwatch is incomplete without apps. They make our lives easier in one way or the other. These apps do more than just bringing the notifications to your wrist — they entertain you, track your health and fitness, help you stay organized, and much more.

There are loads of apps that add different sorts of handy capabilities to your smartwatch. These apps can make your smartwatch a lot smarter than you could imagine.

There are usually two main problems with smartphone apps. Firstly, not all the apps that you use on your smartphone are compatible with your smartwatch. And secondly, It becomes tedious to sift through the thousands of smartwatch app options and find the best one for your smartwatch. To help you cope with these problems, we have selected six apps that you will love to download. They are all amazing, easy to avail, and useful.


Fitness tracking is one of the most widely used functionality of smartwatches. There is no denying that the main thrust of smartwatches is for fitness. Perhaps, this is the feature most of us buy them for.

If you have a smartwatch, use it to become a healthier you. Use it to improve your health, wellbeing, stamina, and overall fitness. Now for this purpose, there are several apps out there to track your health and fitness activities. I personally like Strava.

Strava needs no introduction for fitness enthusiasts: it’s one of the top fitness apps for runners, swimmers, hikers, cyclists as well as gym-goers, and yoga practitioners. The latest version brings proper support for the smartwatches, enabling you to sync activities and workouts you’ve recorded with your smartphone’s workout app with the Strava app and its online tracking, to build a better overall picture of your fitness activities.

With all the amazing health and fitness features, it’s free of cost to use and easily available to download. It is compatible with almost all the smartwatch models having android or iOS. Some of its cool features include activity tracking, route recording, training analysis, monthly challenges, and a lot more.

Strava is one of the must-have apps for your smartwatch. It performs best in recording your outdoor runs, walks, rides, swimmings, hikes, as well as indoor workouts and helps you improve your health.

Google Maps

Google Maps is one of the most useful apps you surely want on your wrist. Imagine if you are stuck in an unfamiliar place and you want to check your location without gluing to your smartphone screen. This app becomes very handy to find your exact location and the location you are looking for right from your wrist.

There’s no better option than Google’s own map to get real-time GPS navigation, traffic conditions, turn-by-turn direction with time estimates, transit info, automatic rerouting, street views, and local suggestions. The smartwatch app is pretty simplistic and easy to use compared to a full smartphone app, but it does have all the features. On top of that, it’s easily available to download and free to use. 


So this is the abbreviation of an amazing app and stands for ‘If This Then That’. This valuable app enables you to link apps together and automate a host of repetitive tasks for your productivity. You can also create and manage your applets with this app for your ease.

If you are looking for simple automations to make your life easier and that too without spending any money, IFTTT should be your next app to download. It connects your apps, services, and devices to create automated and seamless experiences. It simplifies automation, saves time, and is free to use. 


If you are a fitness enthusiast, you must know the importance of diet in fitness and overall health. The problem is that it’s not easy for everyone to keep a check on their diet. Lifesum is a diet planner app that gives you diet tips and food suggestions to help you improve your eating habits and overall health. It’s a brilliant app for health-conscious people.

Lifsum’s amazing user interface and intuitive layout make it an enjoyable app to use with a rich feature-set giving you plenty of options for planning and tracking your diet. 

Google Keep

Keeping yourself organized is the key to getting optimum results out of anything. Google keep is a very useful note-taking app that you should have in your smartwatch. It is designed to enhance your productivity by keeping you organized in today’s busy world.

You can use Google Keep as a daily planner tool. It even allows you to jot down notes on the go and access them everywhere you are. The best thing about Google Keep is that it syncs your notes to the cloud, so you can access them on your smartphone or laptop later. Furthermore, it also provides features like voice memos and photo grabbing. This amazing app is small in size, free to download, and easy to use.


Let’s not keep this boring and discuss something related to entertainment. We all love music and controlling the playlist right from the wrist has its charm. Spotify is the app that lets you enjoy listening to uninterrupted music on your smartwatch.

Spotify has some cool features like controlling volume, skimming through music libraries, searching for favorite albums, artists, songs, tracking moods activities, and a lot more. You can even download music, create a playlist of your own choice, and share music with friends. 

Note: I wrote this article for a client on Fiverr. He has a blog related to smartwatches. 

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