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What Benefits do Smartwatches Provide? Are They Worth Buying?

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A watch tells us the time and date, right? Well, that might be true for the traditional watches, smartwatches have gone beyond just doing that. They can answer your calls, send and receive messages, monitor your health and fitness activities, and provide a host of other functions that can track your modern busy life. In a nutshell, a smartwatch can make your life easier.

Smartwatches are in great demand nowadays mainly due to their multi-functionality. They reduce the need to carry lots of different devices all at once. They’re a feat of innovation and can do many things that even your smartphone can’t. With that being said, knowing the benefits of smartwatches in detail can convince you that they are worth buying, and purchasing one can be a wise decision.

Fitness tracking

You can reach your fitness goals with ease by tracking your health-related activities using a smartwatch. It is perhaps the most beneficial feature of a smartwatch. From tracking the footsteps to calculating calorie intake, and from measuring the heartbeat to monitoring sleep quality, a smartwatch reveals important insights of your body. These insights can help you become the best version of yourself.

The newest models have more amazing features. Fitbit recently announced an advanced smartwatch that can even measure your stress level. This exciting feature can help you keep an eye on your mental health. Huawei Watch 2 measures your heart rate constantly and accurately. It presents you the heart rate graph of your last 6 hours. Most of the models remind you to do physical activity when they sense extended periods of your idleness, thus helping you maintain your weight and figure.

Battery life

Smartwatches are cool, high-tech devices. They do not just provide a wide range of functionalities, but a decent battery life as well. Packed with long-lasting batteries, smartwatches can easily compete with your smartphones in battery life. An average smartwatch lasts typically for 2 or more days. Some smartwatches even last for more than 20 days when charged fully. This feature becomes very handy when you are on a long trip. It helps you get rid of charging your battery every single day.


With a smartwatch, you are just a few clicks away from playing your favorite music playlist or even streaming videos. Though it cannot replace the big screen quality of your smartphone, but when you are on a go and suddenly want some entertainment, a smartwatch becomes the most convenient option. You can get a phone-free music experience by pairing your smartwatch with a Bluetooth headset when you’re going for some outdoor activities or exercise.


Smartwatches are stylish and elegant. They show you as a fashion-savvy to the world. Be it a casual or a formal one, you can wear your smartwatch on almost every occasion. Whether you are at work, on a dinner date, at college, at a meeting, or even playing sports, smartwatches never goes out of fashion. They enhance the charm of your personality at every possible occasion.

Phone sync

Tired of carrying your phone everywhere? No worries, you can easily sync up your phone with your smartwatch so you don’t miss out on any notifications. You don’t need to fumble for your phone anymore in your bag while walking in a busy street because you can get everything at your wrist.

Be it answering a call, sending or receiving a message, using google map, peeking social media notifications, listening to music, streaming videos, or even paying for purchases, you can get most of the features on your smartwatch that your smartphone has. In this way, you are constantly connected while doing any sort of activity. Syncing your phone to the smartwatch is handy for finding your missing phone as well. In case you miss your phone, you can easily locate it through your smartwatch.


Smartwatches enable you to see and interact with all the notifications right on your wrist. You can manage your social media notifications, calls, messages, clock alarms, emails, and calendar reminders using a smartwatch. Your smartwatch simply notifies you with the notifications of almost all the apps of your smartphone that you have integrated with it. Isn’t awesome?

Rather than always being alert for the notification sound of your phone and bothering to take it out of your pocket or bag, you can view and interact with all the necessary notifications with a gentle flick of your wrist. This is the convenience that only a smartwatch can provide you.

With these benefits, smartwatches are simply worth buying and you must consider decorating your wrist with one. 

Note: I wrote this article for a client on Fiverr. He has a blog related to smartwatches. 

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